About DigiButler

DigiButler, the state of the art premise based guest engagement system designed for Hotels and Motels of all types and sizes. It guarantees to improve guest satisfaction while reducing staff and significantly increasing revenue. DigiButler offers an easy to use interface for in-room Switches & Controls, Entertainment on Demand, Ordering Room Service, Read Newspaper and much more. It adds tremendous value to all properties ranging from Budget Motels to Luxury Hotels. Revolutionize your hotel and motel, add DigiButler now!

Why ?

DigiButler is built and dedicated for transforming travel and hospitality experiences through digital innovation.

Delight Your Guests with a High Definition TV Experience
Increase Sales thru Cross Promotions
Build Customer Loyalty
Meet Guest Demands
Stand out from other hotels

DigiButler, fits Hotels of all sizes.

DigiButler offers world-class automation for hospitality industry at an affordable price. It is designed and tested to be reliable, durable, flexible and affordable. Hotels don’t need to buy or leases expensive systems or software from big name brands to provide high-tech conveniences. DigiButler comes with built-in PMS (Property Management System) or hotels may choose to run it as a separate system alongside their current PMS.

DigiButler, focuses on most used convenience features to engage and satisfy guest’s needs. Most of all, DigiButler is premise based and does not rely on Internet availability. Some of DigiButler’s basic features using IN-ROOM TV or TABLET are highlighted below:

  • No more language barrier. DigiButler is Multilingual (Guests communicate using their native language).
  • Convenience of Ordering Room Service via in-room TV.
  • Auto-ON and Auto-Off: (All necessary appliances and lights are turned-OFF or ON automatically upon guest check-in or check-out).
  • Extend Digital Entertainment to in-room TV using Hotel Library.
  • Light Switches & Controls (Controls of lights and appliances are at guests fingertips via in-room TV).
  • Concierge Chat Service (Guests prefer to use chat over calls).
  • Internet Captive Portal (Auto generate and expire WiFi passcodes. No need for paper and never expiring passcodes).
  • Housekeeping Requests are just a click away using in-room TV.
  • Service on Demand or Call for an Assistance is a snap.

Delight Your Guests, Deploy DigiButler!